Saturday, January 05, 2013

jon's twitter feed from last year's downton abbey christmas special

FYI Downton Abbey starts again tomorrow. The following is what I tweeted during last year's Downton Abbey Christmas Special. 

Starting promptly at 8 I will be tweeting live during Downton Abbey.

Is Thomas still gay? Or did World War I knock the gay out of him?

Did they bring in a Chinese gong for Christmas?

Is Thomas going to seance William just to bug Daisy? What a suave bastard.

Wow. Mary's an ultrabitch even whilst playing charades.

Lady Edith deserves young love. Sort of. Well, give her what she can get.

Bates and Anna should be talking through prison glass and oldschool phones with the separate ear pieces.

Only fitting of course that hottest daughter according to the SNL parody is the first impregnated.

I miss Lavinia. And now her father too. Matthew and Lavinia 4 eva.

I sense a "hunting accident" shortly. Matthew take the gun to Mary's beau!

Lady Edith: striking out with old crippleds. Poor lass.

Wait! We skipped Boxing Day? What a perfect chance to showcase the different lives of the servants with the lords!

Mary Crawley: body of evidence: Turk killer: master sextress.

That was some awesome barristing. Even I think Bates killed his wife.

Guilty! Did they forget the defense?

Rich men have trophy wives all the time. What's wrong with Lady Rosamund giving in to a fortune hunter?

Thomas, you may be evil and a thief, but play the homophobe card to get bates' position!

"No touching!" But kissing apparently allowed on death row.

They really need a dog for the dog search.

The party I'm at collectively swooned at the mere image of the town blacksmith. I've found a new hobby and a use for the back shed

Yay Matthew! Defend Mary's honor! Just don't bruise your spine! Again!

Speaking of Matthew... he's based on Lisa Simpson's future British husband right?

I mean they look and speak exactly the same. Plus Lisa's guy also bruised his spine. It was on a compost heap, but still...

Overheard at the party: "Matthew needs that stiff drink to dance with O'Brien."

Aaaand it ends a half hour early for the making of documentary. See you in season 3 folks!


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