Friday, February 22, 2013

oscars 2013 happyfuntime

If you're reading this, you're invited to my house for the Oscar party this Sunday.

All I ask is that you make it a little interesting and fill out your Oscar picks. Hey, there's no need to be all snooty and say you're too good for it, or that you just don't have time for movies or whatever. If that's the case, spare your breath and just pick some random titles. The ones you get lucky on will be thrilling.

So like last year, we're gonna do "confidence rules." From what I understand, these rules were put together by the movie critic Jeff Bayer and are well summarized on his site here.

Here's the gist. You make your picks and then you rank each category from 1 to 24 with 24 being your most confident pick. The ranking corresponds with how many points you get if you get that category right. If you get every single category, you'll score a perfect 300 (like in bowling).

What's in it for you? Well, not much other than it's friendly competition and it's fun. Also, the winner gets a prize. Last year the winner received the movie Hanna on DVD (and it resides comfortably on my DVD shelf).

Obviously, you need to have your picks filled out before the ceremony starts. If you're still filling it out when the first award is given, you may only rank the remaining categories from 1 to 23.

For your convenience, I've uploaded a list of all the nominations in both PDF and JPG formats. This way, even if you're not at my house, you can play along and let me know what your score is, which would be awesome.

The files have been modified (shoddily) with the instructions and spaces to put in your rankings so you can tally everything up more easily.

2013 Academy Awards PDF
2013 Academy Awards JPG

Anyway, be sure to be over to my house at like 4 or so to chat and scope out the red carpet. Message me for directions if you need them. Bring somebody (if they're cool).

If you don't come though, please lemme know your score anyway. Maybe you'll win anyway.


Blogger joN. said...

Come by at like 4. We'll make popcorn and movie chat and red carpet or whatever. I think things kinda get started at like 6.

February 23, 2013 10:21 PM  

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