Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Love's in Jeopardy, Baby

Four years ago, I prepared a list of 100 things to accomplish in my life.

On Monday, I'll be a little closer to accomplishing #7.

Every year I attempt the online test to get on the Jeopardy! TV show. I've done this for four years running I think. But it was this last time (after waiting for an email for several months) that the folks at Jeopardy! finally got back to me.

I'm taking a trip down to Las Vegas on June 23rd for an in-person interview, additional test and mock game to test my ability to know questions to things and provide television-level charisma.

Since this is the beginning of a long-running dream come true, I'm treating this like an important job interview complete with a haircut and new pants from Express (they're real dark denim, so they're kind of like what a yuppie would wear to a job interview).

What I need from you:

1) Interesting facts about myself (part of the paperwork includes a request for five interesting anecdotes to gab with Alex about (even though I'm pretty sure Alex won't be there))

2) All knowledge you have about every subject

I suppose it's a shame I didn't have this opportunity 15 years ago. I was much, much, much, much smarter then.


Blogger Chris Bakunas said...

So, how did it go? I had a chance to try out for Jeopardy a few decades ago, pre-internet. Got to meet Alex, but didn't make the cut - still one of the more exciting moments of my life though.

November 27, 2014 12:09 PM  

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