Saturday, December 24, 2005

i watched three movies today and only spent $11.75...

... wait that's not a good deal at all. I paid to see Narnia. I met my pal Kristi there. She took off and I stuck around for Memoirs of a Geisha. I was just going to watch the previews, but I figured I might see some really cute Japanese girls. I guess all the actresses in the movie are from China, so maybe I shouldn't have stayed. My car was parked in the mall garage that whole time and the theater only validates for two hours. Both movies were pretty darn long, so I had to pay for quite a bit of parking.

Of the two movies, Narnia was way better. It did have the advantage of being seen first. It was also fun to remember some of the craziness from the books... like Father Christmas showing up out of nowhere. The Christianity was a hoot as well. I suppose it would be less fun if I had less beliefs. Obviously, the fighting wasn't to Lord of the Rings levels, but the use of slow-motion around fast-motion is a gimmick I always like (unless it's used horridly in such tripe as Little Black Book).

Getting back to Memoirs -- it just bugged me, y'know. I may have been totally sick of movies by the time I saw it, but there was no reason the first hour had to drag so much. I almost walked out, but things got better once Michelle Yeoh finally appeared. Ziyi Zhang was the real reason I bothered to sit through the whole thing. Too bad she looked a lot better in Crouching Tiger. Her hair is better down, not geishaized. Seriously, though, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea that they were trying to pass this thing off as a love story. The main character was in love with an obvious pedophile (at least that's how I felt by the end of the movie). Sure geishaism isn't necessarily prostitution, but from what I saw it was still subjugation. I hated the idea of romanticizing something that is the opposite of romance into something romantic. It's like a "Television for Women Lifetime Original." Ever notice there are a lot women being beaten on that network?

The last movie I saw was a fun flick called Serenity. I went through great, ridiculous lengths to prepare for my viewing. See, Serenity is based on a Joss Whedon TV show called Firefly. I'm not the biggest Joss Whedon fan. I definitely preferred the Buffy movie to the TV show. I can't stand the characters and choreography on the TV show. Angel was a bit better. I do, however, like how he put the old costumes back on the X-men when he started writing their comic books. Anyway, I heard good things about Firefly and when the movie came out I knew I'd enjoy prepping for it. I only watched three of the four Firefly discs, but that included EVERY episode that played on TV. It's a fun show. It's what they call "Space Western." This ship travels through space between colonies that are struggling on frontiers very similar to 18th century America. Also there are space-zombies every once in a while. Watching the movie was a great reward for watching all those episodes of the show. I did have a serious problem with the rowdy teens in front of me. They talked through the whole first half-hour and then just left one by one and never came back. Wastoids. The movie does a real good job of catching up the non-experienced viewers up until the middle of the movie. By the middle, the film throws in a couple of characters that were central to the show with little explanation about them. I loved the movie I think because I loved the characters. When you see it, let me see it with you so that I can explain a few things.

Sorry I didn't go into detail. It's a blessing of course. I don't like talking about movies until after you've seen them too, so see these three movies. They're all ok. Well not really, but you'll have to find out for yourself. My mind is mush now.


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