Wednesday, April 26, 2006

malja' mIqta'

I went to Las Vegas for the second week in a row this past Sunday. Last weekend it was my niece's wedding. This time it was for my nerd convention for work.

The NAB (I think it stands for the National Association of Broadcasters) was huge. Huger than I thought it would be. I was in charge of investigating new audio technology we could use to run the radio program. It's funny how one feels more alone than ever in the middle of a crowd. Give me pure solitude. That's company with someone I love.

Anyway, forget that nerd stuff. It was fun to be there on my own because I was able to do stuff I never get to do since nobody was with me to say no. So I went and checked out the Star Trek Store in the Hilton and Mamma Mia! I'm actually really surprised I've never seen the Star Trek stuff before. Somebody I know should have taken me. I'm disappointed in everyone who had the opportunity, because they should know I would love it. It's actually a lot like when it was 1991 and I had never heard of ABBA. It took Erasure's Abba-esque EP to discover ABBA and that was when I was like 14 years old or something. Nobody I knew told me the group ABBA existed for 14 precious years of my life. Travesty. So I just went to the restaurant and the gift shop. I didn't have time for the tour or the ride or whatever. At the restaurant I was obligated to get the Chicken Khan. As far as villain-themed sandwiches go, there was simply no other choice. The Hamborger? Please. I purchased three neato things at the gift shop: a working tribble, a Klingon barcup and a Klingon dictionary (which I had been asking for for Christmas and my birthday for over six months). These may sound like incredibly nerdy purchases. They're not. Keep in mind that I got Klingon paraphernalia. If I got Federation stuff, now that would be nerdy. The word "nerd" isn't even in the Klingon vocabulary. Serious, I looked it up.

Now if only Mamma Mia! was as good as I was hoping it would be. I got the cheap seats, which makes a huge difference, but there were some other flaws that took it away from perfection. I would have loved more hook-ups among the characters. There were really only three hookups out of a potential six. I say hook everyone up. Go cross-generationally more too, then they could have sung "Does Your Mother Know" twice. It's a well-known fact that "The Winner Takes It All" is my second favorite song of all time. The woman in the play sang it in a nasal way I didn't approve of. Anyway, I still totally enjoyed it (not nearly as much as the screaming, clapping woman next to me). As mentioned before, Sweden is pretty sweet.

I hope to get more pics on here soon. I just bought a new camera, which I'll be talking about.

Atlas Shrugged page count: same as last time.


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