Monday, August 21, 2006

music for the miniscule masses

I was pretty depressed for no reason at all today. Sometimes I get that way when something is wrong, but I don't know what it is yet. I realized the problem when I checked my email. MODified Music, my favorite music store is going out of business. The owner sends out an email every week and the one he sent today dropped the bomb. Now I feel really guilty about taking all my used cds into Greywhale a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, it's very unfortunate because MODified specializes in 80s alternative, techno, industrial, goth -- you know, the stuff I listen to when YOU'RE not around. The bonus is that they are now selling their stock of music AT COST. If you want to pick something up, the store is located right next to the Pie.

In brighter news, while I was in Provo today, I noticed that KOHS is back on the air! KOHS is Orem High School's station and they are the awesomest station down there. It's a double bonus, because not only do they play commercial-free fairly decent music, but it's totally obvious that the djs receive absolutely NO on-air training. Yeah, the loss of KOHS is always the most depressing thing about summer and autumn's coolest redemption.


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