Wednesday, January 12, 2011

goodbye forever (just in case)!

Ever since I got my computer I haven't updated the OS. It's been running on something called "Tiger," which apparently isn't as good as "Leopard" or "Snow Leopard." That's weird. If there were some kind of cat rumble, my money would be on the tiger any day.

Alas, I got one of the best Christmas gifts ever -- an iPad (which really solidifies my part in the Apple family (I mean, now I have FOUR iPods (one of which stopped working, but that was only because it got caught in the worst rainstorm in Cabo San Lucas history))). Anyway, it turns out that this new device won't sync up with my computer until the OS has been updated. So now I'm giving in, despite my paranoia. Things have been working fairly well over the last three or so years and I'm hesitant to bring in a foreign body (perhaps that summarizes my feelings about the H1N1 flu shot as well). The guy at the Apple store said "he's had nothing but a good experience whenever he updates the OS." But he's a hip Apple store worker. Technology loves him more.

I'm just about to update. If it destroys my computer this will be the last blog post I make. There will also be no more J.R. Watches Star Trek for the first time, The Iron Rodcast, Jon Madsen Movie Commentary, Jon Demand, Living in the Geekdom, Blogging Forgotten Realms and Halloween movies.

Goodbye world.


Blogger (M)ary said...

So u are updating your OS? Is that os like oz or os like oh-ess? Or os like a snooty way to pronounce a$$? (Oh can I say that on your blog?)

January 12, 2011 6:45 PM  
Blogger jaime said...

May the force be with you buddy! We wouldn't want to deprive the world of your wit and charm.

January 13, 2011 3:58 PM  

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