Friday, April 29, 2011

friday afternoon viewing of saturday night

Most people have Netflix these days. That is good.

Recently I noticed that Netflix is now streaming EVERY episode of Saturday Night live. Well, maybe not the current season. The important thing is that there are sketches that I haven't seen in (seriously) 30 years (yeah, some of my earliest memories are watching SNL with the fam).

I just dug up a couple of my favorites that have been on my mind for like 20 years.

This first one is about a new high school trying to decide on a mascot.

It's 1987, Season 13, Episode 3. Try this link and then it starts at 24:31.

Here's one from when Alec Baldwin first hosted the show. This is my favorite Alec Baldwin.

1989, Season 15, Episode 18. Link. Starts at 22:12

"I can handle a menu!"


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