Wednesday, May 04, 2011

poor me. poor me. pour me another drink.

Here's something I audibly tweeted in the summer of of '91 (because Twitter didn't exist yet): "I can't wait until six months from now when this country music fad will go away."

Over the course of the next couple of decades, I watched helpless as the popularity of country music just kinda hung around. Lately I've been thinking of throwing in the towel and liking country music.

I insist on only liking OLDSCHOOL country music though. Say what you will about emotion in today's songs, but that old country stuff is freakin' for real as it gets. This guy calls into work sometimes looking for country music CDs to buy and he turned me on to this old country chick named Dottie West. When I did research on some of her songs I nearly cried for multiple reasons.

Look at the track listing to her double album cd called A Legend In My Time/Sound Of Country Music. I'm ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS when I say these are real titles of real songs:
  1. (I'd Be) A Legend in My Own Time
  2. Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)
  3. Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings
  4. There Goes My Everything
  5. Gettin' Married Has Made Us Strangers
  6. No Sign of Living
  7. Happiness Lives Next Door
  8. Lonely Again
  9. You're the Only World I Know
  10. You Ain't Woman Enough
  11. Together Again
  12. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
  13. Someone Before Me
  14. I Don't Hurt Anymore
  15. Heartaches by the Number
  16. City Lights
  17. Slowly
  18. Crazy Arms
  19. I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)
How can you look at this list and not say these are the most hilarious song titles that have ever existed? I'm not making fun. If these songs are half as good as their titles, it's a steal. I'm probably buying this cd.

Here's another SNL gem from Netflix streaming that highlights my other favorite thing about oldschool country music -- the alcoholism.

Start watching at 6:08. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

"Prison bars don't serve liquor, and it's always closing time... in jail."


Blogger jaime said...

I personally am a fan of Dolly Parton. Love her old school stuff! I have a CD if you wanted to borrow it? People always bash on country music, but I like it! It's funny though, I usually only listen to it when I have lots on my mind or depressed...I'm not sure what that says about it??

May 05, 2011 8:54 AM  
Blogger Johnny 5 said...

George Jones, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash (Rick Rubin made him popular), Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Jack Black (wannabe) he is obsessed with how cool he is that he likes country sounds, Beck did it before him, but I liked his collaboration with Loretta Lynn. Of all of those, my favorite is Willie Nelson.

May 09, 2011 5:36 AM  

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