Wednesday, May 25, 2011

talk about pop music (new york london paris munich)

My parents took me to dinner a few hours ago. I was super surprised when my mom said she was happy that I wasn't at the U2 show. It's weird that my mother would be aware of anything of the sort. I said I guess it would've been neat to go, but I didn't realize it was that night, I hadn't planned for it and I'd already seen them live so I didn't need to see them again. Of course, when I did see them, my seat was behind the stage and above the sound system -- so I was pretty much watching the audience watch the show. I still debate with myself about whether or not I've actually seen U2 live based on that experience.

Mom told me she was hoping I'd have grown out of such things by now. Mom's a far classier lady than I am. She never got into the pop scene -- even as a young cougarette. She never outgrew classical music and I let her know I could be just as stubborn.

On the way home from dinner I participated in one of my new favorite past-times -- driving by outdoor concerts to hear what song is playing. When I drove by Rice-Eccles stadium the sound was pretty crystal. They played "All I Want Is You" and "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)" (which pretty much made it a better show already than the last time I saw them).

I'm not a super huge U2 fan. I think most of my joy during my drive by comes from the nostalgia of my teenage years where U2 was playing whether I wanted them to or not. We all hated being teenagers, but there was something about back then that makes us remember it fondly when we're exposed to the same stimuli.

I'll never outgrow my love of pop music. It's impossible. It was too formative. Please don't worry, though Mom. There's plenty of room to love everything else too.

I listened to the radio on the way home and car-danced to every single song. Thankfully Movin' 100.7 is back on my presets. And thankfully (wonderfully) "Borderline" by Madonna played.

Wow. Great song. Sorta terrible video. Whatev.

You know what? As long as we're on the subject, watch the first minute of this video:


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