Thursday, May 19, 2011

i'm a man of flesh and bone. rapture rushing through my veins.

If you haven't heard, the Rapture is this Saturday.

I must admit there is about a 70% chance it won't happen this Saturday. Still, you know how it's said that "no man knoweth" when the end will be? So how unexpected would it be if the end of the world came on the exact day that some random minister says it will?

Anyway, it's been nice everyone. If I don't see you again, I just want you to know that (in the words of Lou Reed): "Life's good, but not fair at all."

I have no regrets. Wait, scratch that. 90% of all decisions I've ever made have been wrong. See the following XKCD chart:

I really don't know how the guy got my exact count for his comic.


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