Monday, July 30, 2012

48 hour film project 2012

Alright, so I'm finally posting our movie from this year's 48 hour film project.

We kept it in the can for a while because we wanted to make a few more minor corrections, but most of the glaring flaws are still in it which is one of the fun things about doing the 48 hour thing (when I say "fun" I guess I really mean suicidally aggravating).

Anyway, here's the deal. We drew the genre "drama" and had 48 hours from that point to make a movie. At the time of the drawing we were also given specific elements we needed to use. Our required prop was a watch. Our required character name was Al Crofton and that character needed to be related to someone famous. Our required line was "I meant to tell you a few days ago."

I pitched a sort of time travel concept to the rest of the team. It was an idea regarding time travel I had sorta had for several years. Since it's such a science fiction idea (which is another genre we could have drawn), it took a little bit of convincing. Also of note, the plot is strikingly similar to John Maxim and Cameron Daley's 48 hour film from like three years ago (which a bunch of us actually helped out a little on). For that reason, we threw in the "paradox" line.

Anyway, here's the video below. You will notice aspect ratio issues, weird sound, camera bumps and terrible acting by yours truly (but not the other players). You'll also really notice a weird color shift that makes Chad look like he's a chameleon struggling to ward off a predator (or sort of like Predator struggling with his invisibility device).

 I'm wondering if anyone else has the same curiosity and fear of time travel that I have.

 Wanna hear something that probably only I think is funny? There used to be a show on TNT called Monstervision. It wasn't so much a show as it was a couple of horror or sci-fi movies with a host by the name of Joe Bob Briggs who commented on the action at the commercial breaks. He once reported on one movie that the writer said "his original version was much darker" Joe Bob quipped that you never hear a writer or director say that their original version was "much lighter." When I outlined the idea for "Back," there wasn't really a huge conflict between the friends. They knew what they were doing was serious, but they were both on board with it and joking to the end. I also envisioned a few humorous elements regarding nudity because, like in the Terminator movies, time travel necessitated going back in the nude. Ultimately, the rest of the team convinced me that we needed to emphasize more drama so we really staked up the tension between Chad's character and mine. Also, everyone didn't really want to bother with the nude scene even though I was totally all for it.


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