Thursday, July 12, 2012

14th of july is still a go!

Quick blog reminder for you that the 14th of July is still happening. I tried to stop it. I was going to retire it. Fortunately and unfortunately, the 14th is sentient and it's still happening.

Not aware of the details? Here:

It's on a Saturday this year so that means it's more of a day thing rather than an evening thing. That's good. Now the slip 'n slide won't be nearly as chilly as usual.

This year we're adding the prestigious Miss Spirit of the 14th of July. Will you win it? The qualifications are vague and honestly unwritten at the moment, but likely  the key qualification will simply be wrestling the sash away from me.

There will certainly be lime-tinged deep fried things. There will be lactose consumption. There will be some form of nog.

Mostly, of course, there will be lounging and talking. Oh, and I'll throw some cheap vinyl on a cheap player.

Anyway, the point is, please come along. Get wet, drink milk, listen to samba. It will be a good excuse to see you again. You know who you are.


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