Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here's hoping some of  you are still subscribed by Google Reader to this blog.

How have you been? I really miss you. You may feign modesty and deny it, but you know I do. I totally do.

I could really use your help. My friends and I are ensconced in the 48 Hour Film Project and since we won't be assigned our film until the 48 hours start, we don't have time to prepare in advance. That means the costumes and sets and props and stuff will need to be obtained spur of the moment. This could get expensive.

Cutting right to it, we've started a Kickstarter campaign for the shoot's cash supply. If you didn't bother to read anything to this point, this 30-second video sort of explains everything.

Notice you're not just giving money away. If you give five bucks, you will officially become a producer on the film and your name will appear in the credits. Not a bad gig. Seriously.

Any amount will be very very appreciated, but keep in mind there are other rewards at the $20.00 and $30.00 mark.

It should now be Friday morning. You're at work, taking it slightly easy checkin' out people's blogs. Maybe you even got paid today. Please don't cure cancer today. Be a part of something funner than cancer.

Go here!

And one more thing... if we don't reach our modest Kickstarter goal, we don't get ANYTHING. We're 25% of the way there and the campaign ends Wednesday. Jump in now!


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