Sunday, October 30, 2005

'tis the season... for EVIL!

There were three events on Friday that put me in a giddy state of Halloween readiness. First: the weather. It was rainy and gloomy. I guess that's not much of an event, but with me, the small things matter. If it was sunny on Friday like it has been for the last few weeks, I'd be very disappointed.

The second thing that happened requires a little background. I work at a radio station in Provo, and every Friday morning this woman named Donna Maxx comes in on-air and reads a gospel doctrine lesson she's prepared for the benefit of those who wouldn't make it to church the following Sunday. Donna's pretty interesting. She's sort of like that house cleaner in the movie Poltergeist, but without the annoying voice. Anyway, she's reading this lesson and she breaks off into this huge aside about the importance of doing genealogy. The following is the story she told to emphasize her point:

...I awoke in the middle of the night to the voice of my dead fiance, saying, "Donna do my work for me." I knew he was requesting I do his temple work, and half asleep I replied, "But I lost it, I don't know where it is." The voice replied saying that "it was in my old purse, underneath some boxes in the back of my hall closet." I immediately was wide awake, got out of bed, turned on the lights, and pulled everything out of my closet and there under the boxes was my old purse, and inside was the information.

How perfect is that? A ghost story for church over Halloween weekend? Awesome. To listen to more of Donna, tune into 1400 am Monday at 9am and Friday at 9am (and be in Utah County as well).

I heard "Nemesis" by Shriekback on the radio. Todd's Ipod. How often do you hear that song? Have you ever heard that song? Would you like to? It just so happens that that song is one of many songs I included in my own Halloween 1995-2005 Anthology mix cd. You can download it in two short (zipped) files right here and here. Hey hey hey! You can also download this year's Halloween cd right here... and the rest of it right here. Remember you could have always downloaded my remixed version of "Only" by Nine Inch Nails right here.

I gave in and bought that Ratchet and Clank game. Right now it's pretty fun. I was hoping it would be instantly more addicting. The most frustrating thing is the online play. Everyone I deal with online is an obnoxious punk.

Yesterday I finally donned this year's costume: The glorious Ace Frehley. My crew and I hit four separate parties and then wound up at Freaky Dee's at about two in the morning. While there we encountered a bum in bumless pants who was apprehended by the cop-for-hire there. I'm not sure if there's always a cop there or if it's just a Halloween thing. The place was wicked crowded and EVERYBODY was wearing a costume. Many skanks arrived wearing things very similar to the bum with the moon-unit pants, but they were still allowed on the furniture. Thank all that is unholy it's the end of daylight savings and I got an extra hour of sleep last night.


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