Tuesday, November 01, 2005

day of the dead and bloated

Pictures are pending! Halloween FINALLY came to an end last night, which was really the only actual night of Halloween. Best Halloween in years and years. The past couple have been especially lame. My house really really really came through.

I mentioned that we submitted two very fabulous scary movies to the ward film festival. I did one and Rhett did one. The link to my movie is right here. It's a really big file, so I'm going to prepare a lower-quality internet version to more easily download right here. Also, if you want, you can download the director's commentary version right here. Rhett's movie can be downloaded right here.

We won best group costume at the ward party by going as each original member of KISS (I was Ace, Rhett was Gene, Joe was Paul and we stuck Clint with Peter Criss). The pictures are on the way. In the meantime, see the previous post for a quickie of me. We won a pretty hard bag of snickers.

After all that we invited everybody over to our place for root beer and dancing. Strangely, EVERYBODY actually came. Actually even more than that. We must've been the only party around because quite a few cruisers came in. We didn't know half the ilk who showed. A good time was had though. Even my brilliant, yet Debbie Downer-esque, friend Maria danced all night. This is strange because we never see her dance, but she does talk about dancing all the time. Now if only we had a little more Halloweeny-type music. Anyway, apparently Maria caught a couple getting freaky in my room. I've never even gotten freaky in my room. She didn't get their names, but if you two are out there, I'd really really like your pictures for the purposes of my blog.

So summing up: scored hard on self-made movies, won hard on costumes and was the central location for freaking and getting freaky. We're almost done cleaning up.

On to Thanksgiving. *sigh*


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