Monday, July 24, 2006

pioneer weekend update

So it seems that we got that place I was showing you earlier. It's going to be a little pricier, so until we get a new roommate and our bearings, I won't be buying a new car incredibly soon. I know I shouldn't anyway. I'm totally being irresponsible.

Actually, speaking of roommates, I might need one. This one kid (over 30) may move in with us, but maybe not. We need a dependable, industrious, non-annoying guy. So now for the next question: Who should live with us?

I cleaned my room yesterday. Turns out I have hard wood floors. It was pretty hammered after I looted through it looking for stuff for the yard sale.

Friday was Lady in the Water. Meh. I actually enjoyed watching it, but it's not quite as fun of a hindsight M. Night as his usually tend to be.

Saturday was An Inconvenient Truth. I must admit that if I ran with a slightly different crowd, I'm sure I'd be a really annoying environmentalist. Al Gore is really hilarious when you get to know him. He was on Futurama a couple of times and even used a clip from it during his presentation on how we're all gonna die from global warming. What really cracked me up were the shots of him being all pained and introspective. It made me take the movie less seriously, but more enjoyable. What really leant the movie credence was the fact that Dre and I walked out of the theater and it was like 85 degrees at 11:30 p.m.

Tomorrow Laura and I and possibly Kaila are going to trek to the Imax to see Superman in 3-D. Why aren't more movies in 3-D? I remember one time when I was a kid and channel 20 or 14 or 13 showed an old 3-D flick called The Mask (not the Jim Carrey one) and we had to go pick up 3-D glasses at 7-11. There was one part where there were spiders right in front of my face. Freaky! Good stuff anyway. It'll be nice to finally read the Superman reviews. I have this thing where I tend not to read movie reviews of movies I plan on seeing, because they usually give more away than I want them to. Abel wrote a review that I'm dying to read. I also need to finish his book that he pretty much only has one copy of that I've been hoarding for two months.

Speaking of Abel, I nearly forgot that I'll be alone doing the radio show on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday's show will probably be about adoption and Wednesday's show will probably be a pop culture show with a pop culturist. Call into the show. We can talk about anything you want. Remember it's at 11 a.m. and the number is 1-800-331-4301.

Oh yeah. Also go to That's our new site dedicated just to the show. Point out grammatical and spelling errors. You can also click on the listen live link to listen if you don't get AM 1400 K-STAR (most people don't).

Should I go to the parade tomorrow? It's right at the bottom of my hill.

Oh, I forgot to mention that about a month ago, I turned in three dollar bills to the change machine at the carwash and of the 12 quarters I got back, 4 of them were 1965 coins! Weird, huh? Fine, maybe it's old news. If I remember right, it corresponded with 6/6/06.


Blogger SRA said...

I might have a roommate for you. MAYBE. He's my best guy friend from St. George and it's possible he'll be moving up here to SL to take a job in the near future. I'll keep you posted.


July 26, 2006 3:36 PM  
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