Wednesday, June 18, 2008

how many words does video paint?

You know your Tuesday was interesting when you get your hand stamped twice.

Yesterday was my brother Andy's birthday. He hadn't been to Lagoon in like five years and wanted to go pretty hard. So, with all his kids and many of his wife Emily's sibs with their kids, they made a day of it and invited me along. Since this was my first trip to Lagoon this year I was stuck with what is surely a Murphy's Law dilemma. Should I pay for a day pass for 40 bucks only to pay the same amount the next four times I come to Lagoon, or should I pay for the season pass for 100 bucks and only use it once? After doing some obvious math, I determined that $100 is less than $160 and bought what may very well be my only Lagoon pass for the year for $100.

It was good to get back to Lagoon for three reasons:

1) I was able to test out the wetness on the new ride called odySEA with my nephew Charlie. Amount of wetness on odySEA: 37.

2) When nobody else wanted to go, I was able to hit up my favorite ride, The Samurai. Andy said it best when he said it's like the ride in Happy World Land called the "Happy Go Barfy." Samurai was closed 95% of last year, so even though after the teen operators took 20 minutes to load everybody and then literally LOCKED THEMSELVES OUT OF THEIR OWN CONTROL BOOTH, it was still such a joyous experience that I didn't throw up after (almost though).

3) I managed to get some better video of Colossus. See, in the past year, I've become a sort of YouTube celebrity due to my Lagoon roller coaster point-of-view movies. They get thousands of hits more than my actual "films" (which actually get tens of hits). Last year's Colossus video had my finger obscuring the camera lens for most of the time. I've received about 50 YouTube text comments saying "move UR fingur dumb***." Hopefully this video will change all that which I'm embedding below.

And just for fun here's the 2008 Jet Star 2 video:


Tuesday night was also Joe's band's club debut. Parental Control is a cover band that specializes in 90s era tunes. Monica was kind enough to pick me up from Tuesday night RPG so we could make it on time. A bunch of us were there, but ultimately numbers were lessened by historic Game 6.

Here are a couple of clips:

I messed around with the long-time exposure on my camera to get some sorta cool show images:

Anyways, afterward we met up at the Pie Pizzaria, which is a place I swore I'd never go to again, but since I officially wasn't hungry I figured it would be a good time to go and not count it. It really was perfect, because I only drank one slice of Pie pizza while there.

They got this jukebox there and I scammed a quarter off Cinnamon and tried out a song I've never heard. Anybody know about "Four Sticks" by Led Zeppelin? It's from that album with the old man carrying a bunch of sticks on his head, but I heard that the reason it's actually called "Four Sticks" is because when they recorded it John Bonham was having a real hard time with the difficult drumming, so finally he just grabbed two sticks in each hand and totally nailed it. Monica totally didn't believe me, but I swear I read it very recently. Can anyone verify this?

Anyway, Tuesday was pretty busy.


Blogger Maria said...

Happy Birthday to Andy! Sounds like a fun Tuesday. I think I got whiplash just from watching that Jet Star 2 video.

I'm glad Joe is still gigging it up- I'll have to make sure to plan a trip around one of his shows.

June 19, 2008 8:35 AM  
Blogger newby said...

here's your "four sticks" answer:

again, wikipedia is that much closer to solving all the world's ills--hunger, war, manbearpig.... in fact, i just heard that it finally calculated that 42 is indeed the answer to life, the universe, and everything. go fig.

June 19, 2008 9:00 AM  
Blogger Ideas Man, Ph.D. said...

I can't believe that the Colossus and the Jet Star are still running. Also, the videos brought back memories for me even though I haven't been to Lagoon in almost exactly 10 years (I'm pretty sure the last time I went was with you, Heather and Dave Rossiter right after Heather and I got married)...

June 19, 2008 11:23 AM  
Blogger Maker said...

JoN, I have a season pass to lagoon too. Nice! Let's hit it and then Chow's. Er, maybe the reverse order. Fo' realz!

June 24, 2008 10:14 AM  

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