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lost spin-offs

I mentioned at the end of the last post that, now that Lost is over, I wanted to throw in a few more ideas to how ABC will be able to keep the momentum through spin-off shows. Here we go!

A few have already been covered by other personalities and by the show itself. Here are a couple of obvious ones that seriously would be pretty awesome television shows:

1. Dead and Alive
Who wouldn't love an actual police procedural starring Miles and Sawyer as police partners? Miles searches for clues by communing with the dead while Sawyer utters a dozen quippy cop lines throughout the course of the show.

2. Two and a Half Teachers
Simply put, the action of this television show takes place in the heated arguments of a teachers' lounge of a struggling suburban high school. Ben and Artzt constantly bicker of the best methods to teach the kids while latching onto their sanity. Often a third, more obvious method, is revealed by a crippled substitute teacher by the name of Locke.

3. Ad Aeterno
After spending hundreds of years on the island, Richard Alpert roams the American countryside aghast at how culture has changed. He meets souls in need and always helps with his expertise of the 18th century Spanish slave trade. He only wants one thing, but in his travels he never achieves it. Love.

Okay here are some more that I haven't heard anyone else say:

4. Fantahurley Island
This is a direct continuation of Lost on the island, but it is also a remake of Fantasy Island. People come from all over the world to see their fantasies realized, but their fantasies don't give them the answers they desire. Toward the end of every episode they seek out the "Mr. Roarke" of the island -- Hurley. Hurley's sort of a guru of sorts and his advice is always sound and enlightening. People assume it's because of his great role on the island that Hurley is able to provide them with answers. What they don't know, though, is that every week he pretty much just recites a line from Star Wars. Also, as an added bonus to the show, Nikki and Paolo are roaming the island as zombies.

5. The Estrogeneration
Claire and Kate settle down in Los Angeles to raise Aaron as their son. They decide that they both like girls now because Aaron turns out to be such a chick magnet. If the show goes on long enough, much of the show will center around Aaron's troubled teen years when he has difficulty adjusting when so many women of all types and ages are so obviously attracted to him.

6. American Flyer
In an effort to get away from the craziness of international flights across the Pacific, Lapitus retires as a pilot and takes a job as an unassuming semi-truck driver. Every week in his travels he comes across someone in need. Strangely every single episode ends with him reluctantly piloting some kind of apparatus to save the day. It may be a glider or a peddle-powered helicopter that he built or maybe a missile with a saddle that he rides like a horse. His catch-phrase before every single ill-conceived flight is, "Let's see what this thing can do!"

7. Mission Unaccomplished
This particular drama actually takes place before The Oceanic Six return to the island. Sayid is troubled by all the prejudice he sees from average Americans concerning people of Arabic descent. He makes it his goal to squash the Arab stereotype, but this is constantly made difficult by the fact that he's a ruthless international assassin from Iraq.

Please enjoy! If not on television itself, then in your head.


Blogger Saule Cogneur said...

3. I also think that in Ab Aeterno, Richard should travel carrying a large sword and, with token theme music, decapitate those that share his power.

4. I would totally watch this non-ironically.

6. Sometimes he hooks up with Sandra Bullock when they are stuck on a vehicle that will explode if it slows down too much.

June 09, 2010 12:11 PM  
Blogger (M)ary said...

Ab Aeterno (sp?) ....that one sounds interesting to me. Of course he can never find love because that would be jumping the shark.

June 10, 2010 4:17 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Finally, someone has given some real purpose to Nikki and Paulo!!!

June 14, 2010 12:56 PM  

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