Wednesday, July 13, 2011

july 14th 2011

Some of you may not be aware because you don't keep close tabs on me on Facebook, but the big July 14th celebration is on and it's Thursday (which happens to be July 14th). Please come!

Here is the information you need.

Come to my house anytime between 3 and 10. I recommend early so you can get some good slip 'n slide in.

Just so you're aware, there will be some sort of trophy for whoever upholds the spirit of the 14th the best. You will earn points by slip 'n slide style points, good food that you bring, winning some of the games and of course tonic water consumption (diet tonic water this year).

There also may be some kind of game out of aerial fireworking.

Some of you may not be able to attend this year. If you'd like to attend remotely, I will either set up a Skype cam, a cam or a Google+ "hang out." I'm actually leaning toward the because you don't need to be a member of Skype or Google+ to see it and you can still chat along.

My page is:

Yes, that's the page for when I do the Star Trek podcast. Don't worry about the title. The video should still work. Between now and Thursday, if you'd like, please give me your Skype name and/or befriend me on Google+.

This post sounds boring. The 14th of July won't be. Not because I guarantee you'll have a good time, but because every time we do this everybody comes with a good attitude and ready for some wicked summer leisure.

Oh! I think I'll also strike up the 'ol deep fryer. That'll be sweet.


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