Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Tell me... if you bought tickets to a show that sold out in ten minutes, do you really think you'd have a very hard time selling those tickets? I work at a place that constantly heralds the joys of capitalism, yet I can't make the most obvious sale. I knew I was in trouble when people were at the venue trying to sell their front row tickets at cost. For some reason EVERYBODY wanted tickets two months ago and NOBODY wanted them two days ago.

Not too much to complain about, though. Besides Monica, whom I asked to go with me last week, I was forced to bring two more girls along. The aforementioned Kristi and Dre gladly took the opportunity. I missed the first song, because I was still outside getting Dre's ticket to her. I think it was something off Cowboy, so no big loss. Of course, cowboys are fitting. Several young men dressed as cowboys for the show. Andy dedicated a song to the "good-looking cowboys." I must also say that this is probaby the first country concert I've ever been, which is VERY weird considering Erasure is one of the foremost synthesiser British bands. On the Erasure videos which I own (which are also HILARIOUS by the way) Vince Clarke talks about how he'd rather program synthesisers rather than play guitar because he just has to push a button instead of perform and therefore never screw up. "Love To Hate You" was initially unrecognizable in its salsafied form, while "Sometimes"was done sort of bluegrassy. They did a slow version of "Oh L'amour" and an understandably slow version of "Piano Song," which is a new favorite of mine. I wasn't sure if they would play it. Even though it's acoustic originally anyway, they didn't actually bother to bring a piano. Vince and this other guy had acoustic guitars, one of the back up singers played a flute and one of those June Carter strumming thingios, they had a standard drummer, the bass was upright and the guy who would've been playing piano had one of those sit-down stringy strummy things. My acoustic vocabulary is pretty lacking. Anyway, they saved "Chains of Love" and "A Little Respect" for the very very end, much to the delight of a much-relieved Monica.

Anyway, probably the best part of the night was having three beautiful girls argue over which one of them was going to buy me dinner. Monica won, but I got rainchecks.

So this is probably worth another entry, but I already titled this entry accordingly, so I may as well mention it. I'm not very healthy, at least a few days ago I wasn't. Allergies, I think. I never had allergies before I moved into the super-cute house I live in now. I think maybe a seasonal moldy spore monster could be lurking behind the walls. It's very unfortunate, since it's such a home to me. I remember a few short years ago I realized that Provo didn't feel like home anymore. Sure, everybody leaves Provo, but it was still home, right? The feeling was quite disconcerting. Now instead of being spiritual rejected, I'm being physically rejected from my own house. The feeling is quite phlegmy.

In case you're wondering, I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he threw me a bunch of zyrtecs. They seem to be doing the job, but I was hoping to let my body overcome this itself. When I went to the selecthealth website to find a doctor there was an article right there on the front page about allergies. It said that 200 years ago there were probably like 50 people in the United States with allergies. Now there are 50 million. The article mentioned the "Hygiene Hypothesis," which is the idea that the reason there are so many more allergic reactions now is because we're too clean. Our bodies aren't exposed to the bad stuff enough to make them good. Well that's just great. All this progression and civilization only to de-evolve? Fabulous. What really bugs me is that at this point in my life, I think I may be at the lowest rung of the de-evolution ladder out of all humanity.

The robots will win soon.

When I went to NAB, I looked at an automation system that doesn't just run a radio station, but it controls several radio stations across the country from the same place. Have you ever read Neuromancer? Trippy. Anyway, wouldn't it be horrible to realize that you were actually employed by an automated being?


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Forced to bring two more girls along? Life's hard when you're single. :-)

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