Tuesday, May 23, 2006

muted mutations

I realized something mildly disasterous a couple of weeks ago. I'll be in New York on Friday.

May 26th is a very important day for many reasons.

The third X-Men movie comes out on May 26th. Many people may be very surprised to learn that I really enjoy all things X-Men. Six years ago I actually dressed up as Magneto when I attended the screening. That was the week I met Rhett. I've mentioned this before, but the guy thought I was a total weirdo for dying a pair of Hanes briefs dark purple. X2 is the best comic book movie yet produced. I've been dying to find out what happens to Jean Grey. Many of you who saw the movie may have noticed an image of a fiery bird when Jean dies at the end. This, of course, is alluding to the famous Dark Phoenix saga from the comic books. For those of you silly enough to be unaware of the Dark Phoenix saga it goes something like this:

(**deep breath**)So this entity from outer space known as the Phoenix Force inhabits the body of Jean Grey and the entity transports herself with the X-Men to another galaxy where the Phoenix Force is the guardian of the M'Kraan crystal, a powerful object that has the power to destroy the universe and this crazy guy named D'Ken has seized control of the Galactic Shi'ar Empire and the crystal and plans to use it to conquer everything, but he's unaware that it will simply destroy everything so anyway the Phoenix and the X-Men thwart this guy, but not without Phoenix/Jean getting a taste of emotion through a mutant named Mastermind (which is actually the basis of Jason Stryker in X2) and the emotion the entity really enjoys is vengeance, so she/it goes on a sort of interplanetary killing spree in which billions of beings die and so after that Lilandra, the new empress of the Shi'ar Empire totally bags Professor X and demands that Phoenix/Jean be executed for restitution as well as precaution, but Xavier demands that the X-Men fight for her behalf and strangely the X-Men lose, partly because of their moral conflics over what Jean/Phoenix did, but before the execution can happen, Jean loses control again, but is able to commit suicide before she destroys everything. Years later the X-Men discover that the body Phoenix used was a clone and that the real Jean was in a cocoon the Atlantic Ocean (***gasp***).

Based on the previews I've seen, not much of that actually happens in the upcoming movie.

Oh well, I suppose I won't see it in New York. I'll have other things to do. Nobody tells me what happens though, got it?

May 26th. Big day for many reasons. I listed two.


Anonymous Bex said...

Ha ha I've know you long enough to know what a freaking X-men nerd you are! LOL I totally saw it opening night my date was very impressed that I would choose that movie...Anywhoo, I totally have Jean Gray Red hair right now for the show I'm doing and I love it!

July 23, 2006 7:42 PM  

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