Wednesday, November 01, 2006

day of the dead and bloated ii

Just about the hardest thing about keeping a regular blog is trying to figure out a clever title for the entries. Fortunately I realized just today that I've been keeping a blog for just over a year now and I can start re-using titles now that the same events are happening over again.

So I guess I can finally relax now that Halloween is over again. It really is more stressful than Christmas now. It should be, as it's the final barrier keeping Christmas preparations from spilling into July. Unfortunately there were some casualties this year. We weren't able to make a film, which I feel sort of guilty about. We have the means, the energy and the locale but inspiration just flew out the window. Hopefully a film will get made before Halloween next year (and it doesn't necessarily need to fall in the Halloween season -- I'm up for the scary business year round (not just when I have an excuse)). No trick-or-treaters came to my new house; at least not that that I know of. It didn't help that I arrived home at like 8:30 and I found that our porchlight doesn't work at the moment. Looks like I'll have to get really depressed and eat all the caramel Reese's Cups and LaffyTaffys all by myself.

I am happy to say that although I didn't finish the lyrics in time, J.R. and I were able to finish this year's Halloween CD. Here's the playlist:

1 Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)- Oingo Boingo
2 The Night is Young - Nosferatu
3 Splintered in Her Head - The Cure
4 Is She Weird - The Pixies
5 Light Years - 311
6 Boogie Monster - Gnarls Barkley
7 Psychic Voodoo Doll - Deadbolt
8 Iron Head - Rob Zombie
9 Red Right Hand - Nick Cave
10 Tubular Bells - Book of Love
11 WitchCraft - Frank Sinatra
12 Scary Monsters - David Bowie
13 Torture - The Jacksons
14 Overkill - Men at Work
15 Sell My Soul - Midnight Oil
16 Zee Deveel - Incubus
17 Hellraiser - Ozzie Ozbourne
18 I will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
19 Straight To Hell - The Clash

Every song can be individually emailed to you if you so desire to partake. J.R. did an excellent job mixing the film audio with the music, especially for Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself) and I Will Follow You Into the Dark. I need to get crackin' on those lyrics before J.R. removes me as Co-President of Jon.R Productions.

Oh yeah! Costumes! Check this shiz out:

Hmm. Blogger doesn't seem to be accepting my photos. I'll put them here as soon as I can. Rest assured they are pretty awesome. If I can never get the photos up let me just tell you: I went as The Crow. Actually, I guess that's not actually his name; it's just the name of the movie. Hmm. I went as the guy in The Crow. The girls bought freaky dolls and dresseds as them. My friend Joe dressed as Danialsan dressed as a shower before he gets the crap beaten out of him by ninja skeletons.

Hmm. I guess I'll add the other photos when blogger isn't having a cow (I had to upload the above image as a file rather than a picture so I couldn't format it the same way I normally do).

I've already said this in other media, but I'll go ahead and reinstate here really quick. I don't like the idea of guys dressing like male strippers. Apparently it has become really popular this year I've noticed. I guess the girls are into it, which really makes me regret all the support I've given to girls dressing like the equivalent of prostitutes every year. Oh well, I may not be so social next Halloween. I may become an oldschool Halloween hermit who cares more about the scares than the bares (sorry, that rhyme was pretty groany).

So yeah, I ranted all about that on The Abel Hour yesterday. We had a special show with Scott Johnson, the guy from He's no slouch in the broadcasting department. He runs his own very entertaining geek podcast and he's been a guest with us before with stuff like this. Anyway, I had a lot to say about Halloween (and Star Trek for some reason) and if you want to, the broadcast is right here (you may as well download it by right clicking instead of just clicking because it's sort of big and you're not gonna wanna have to re-load it when you play it for your friends later)


Blogger charlottalove said...

#1 reason for not starting a blog earlier: Can't compete with Jon's creative titles. Congrats on a year of great blogs...even more props to making it cool before it was easy!

November 02, 2006 9:58 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

I must say- that is probably the best picture of us yet.

November 02, 2006 12:40 PM  
Blogger Abel said...

You guys look so cute together!

November 04, 2006 1:55 PM  
Anonymous Heather said...

Wait, there's an us? How come you haven't mentioned this on the blog, jon?

November 07, 2006 4:18 PM  

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