Saturday, December 16, 2006

bring on the greed!

For the past several years I've kind of skipped out on getting my loved ones a meaningful Christmas, mostly because I didn't have the means. Instead I told my family and friends I loved them by telling them what I would have gotten them. Check it out here. This year I could've been thoughtful, but decided not to. Now I have the means, but who has time for loved ones? I'm always either financially or emotionally negligent.

I just got back from doing all my shopping. I did it all in one place and I put very little thought into what I got for people (as many of you will soon see). 'Tis a shame I suppose since last year's gifts were pretty dang cool.

Anyway, just because I haven't been thoughtful, it doesn't mean you don't have to be! Here's a list of some surprisingly thoughtful things you can get for me.

1. Nintendo Wii

Yeah, I know I told everybody I wanted a PS3, but that's only because the good folks at Insomniac, my favorite game developer, are making games exclusively for Sony. I switched over to the Wii when I saw how Nintendo used a goofy gimmick to inject a sort of social party aspect to video games. Maybe I can get some exercise with this thing. Plus I'm saving you all money. PS3s are like 300 bucks more expensive.

2. Numark BP Battle Pak

Yeah, I plan on laying down some freaky beats. Also the turntable I normally use is 20 years old. I've got lots of vinyl just aching to be spun.

3. Zune

One of these days I'm going to get an iPod, but until that day and as long as you're buying me gifts, I'd love to see how well one of these things works.

4. Yamaha CPX700 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If my life is less than ideal, I think I can safely say that the reason for that would be that I don't actually play or own a guitar (specifically this cool blue number that plugs easily into amps while retaining the gorgeously intimate experience of an acoustic guitar).

5. Quad Core Mac Pro

Yeah, so I hate Macs, but they do do photos, video editing and publishing lots better than my PC. Also the computer I'm typing at right now is riddled with problems caused by viruses and spyware I don't know how to solve (like how to add a stupid picture of a Mac to this stupid entry (actually, it's probably blogger's fault).

6. Shadow Mica Scion Xb

Hey what a cute little clown car! I still want one of these. It's the only car I can stand up in. I also would like it tricked out to include a new Prius plug-in electrical hybrid engine and a front bench seat.

EDIT: 7. Guitar Hero II for Playstation 2

I can't believe I forgot I want this! If I can't have a guitar... I mean if I can't play a guitar, I should at least get this game. I should at least be able to pretend to wail on the guitar like a ninja after a fresh kill. I'm too lazy to put a link up. Just go to Target or something and pick it up and I'll be happy.

If you're feeling cheap, feel free to get me something on my Christmas wishlist from 2004 or last year (with the exceptions of Home Movies Seasons 1-4, M*A*S*H Season 4, Music from the O.C. Mix #2 on cd, Interpol: Antics on cd, Dance Dance Revolution for the PS2, Karaoke Revolution for the PS2, snowboard boots, basketball shoes, New Order: A Collection on dvd, bathrobe, customized Converse shoes, Star Wars Battlefront II for PS2, PS2 controller, The Klingon Dictionary, Auto Repair for Dummies and Fargo Rock City)

Seriously though, the hardest part about shopping is trying as hard as I possibly can not to buy all the stuff I want. It's not hard to shop for me. I like so much stuff. If something has anything to do with Star Trek or ninjas or synthesisers or animation, I probably won't throw it on the ground and jump on it when you give it to me.


Anonymous Erica said...

don't get a zune. my friend works on the developing team for it at microsoft and he has much as i'd like you to support him (even though you don't know him...) it's like 10 times bulkier then an ipod. and it doesn't have the beloved click wheel.

December 18, 2006 12:55 PM  
Blogger joN. said...

i should have mentioned that probably a reason i'm curious about the zune is that it actually is physically large which i think comes in handier when dealing with video especially. I've always sort of snickered off the idea that mp3 players and phones and cameras and stuff should be as small as humanly possible. tiny things are only easier to lose and harder grip between chin and shoulder. also, i never was that converted to the scroll wheel. if i could design my own player it would have lots of knobs and buttons all over it.

December 18, 2006 6:05 PM  
Anonymous abel said...

If Maria really loves you, she'll buy you a Wii.

December 19, 2006 9:56 AM  
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