Thursday, May 24, 2007

the long comment about lost that i put on abel's blog that i may as well post here because it's really long and it looks like i update my blog more

Read Abel's post.

i’m proud to say that i called out the flash-forward very early on — fortunately before he mentioned his father’s alive-ness. i actually had to assume it was a flashback as the show went on strictly because of jack’s dad’s references. of course, this can ultimately be explained in one of two ways: 1) he’s dead but jack still refers to him being drunk in heaven or hell or wherever he is or 2) jack’s dad came back to life and got his old job back at the hospital. i wouldn’t put resurrection past the creators of lost, but i would question a world that just goes back to normal after something like that happening.

the flash forward was a fabulous idea in my opinion, although it actually will be looked upon in the future as a major lost ‘jumped the shark’ moment. it does frighten me though. there is a chance that they all get off relatively early in the remaining three seasons and much of the rest of the story is trying to answer the questions without actually being on the island. that sounds a lot more boring to me. if they go that route they better have some wicked phenomenal stories to actually bother leaving the island. the scenery alone would be worth missing.

i’m also happy to say that i knew that bernard, sayid and jin weren’t shot. if other people didn’t call it as well i blame the creators’ insinuation that five people would die by the end of the season. i have no doubt, abel, that the creators told you (i’m not sure where they told you; i only know that you told me) about the five deaths to make the three shots offscreen more probable.

i think locke and ben are right about naomi. i think she’s bad. that’s normal for me, though. whenever someone is presented as good i employ self-reverse psychology and assume the opposite and vice versa. this still doesn’t mean i don’t still hate locke. i hate locke because i was really gearing up for sawyer’s redemption and locke steered him back to dirty vengeance. now sawyer hit the point of no return by wasting a surrendering… i forgot his name. maybe what’s his name had it coming and maybe he still had something up his sleeve and needed to die, but sawyer’s long gone and that makes me sad. and i know i know it was sawyer’s decision to adversely affect both guys. i’m just saying it was locke’s decision to adversely affect sawyer.

yeah, i bet it’s ben’s funeral. there is a really awesome screengrab of the news clipping in jack’s hand on maybe i need to start watching lost in hd. it shows that the clipping is indeed real and details the death of someone with the first name starting with j and maybe the last name ending with antham. i guess there’s this philosopher from the 16th century named jeremy bantham. that may be another one of ben’s names or something and it would go well with john locke’s philosopher name.

crap. this is long. i should’ve just put all this on my blog. maybe i will.


Anonymous abel said...

Next time I have dinner with the executive producers, I'll ask them where they came up with those five deaths.

Any other questions you want me to ask them? :-)

May 24, 2007 2:56 PM  
Blogger Maria said...

LOST is pretty awesome. I don't know why Locke is such a lame - o. I'm sure they are going to pull something to try to make us think " Oh wow- Locke was the only one that knew what the heck was going on". I don't think it will work on me. Poor Sawyer - he is in love with a crazy chick and I'm sure he has no self -esteem left....

May 25, 2007 9:10 AM  
Blogger Poomaker said...


Who does Kate have to get back to? She said to Jack at the airport that she had to get back to someone because he was waiting.

Also, does anyone have a theory on who Jacob is and how he plays into everything.


May 26, 2007 7:34 PM  
Blogger joN. said...

i only imagine that kate is now shacked up with sawyer, although it is unusual that neither of them are in jail. i dunno though, if i were in the jury for everyone on the island for any of the individual crimes they've committed, i'd probaby give them all a huge break... except for locke, whom i'm in hate with right now.

if jacob actually exists, i think he might be the smoke monster.

May 30, 2007 4:45 PM  

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