Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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I've decided to stop making fun of Dick Cheney. He totally might blow my head off.

If anybody recorded the two hours of Arrested Development that ran on Friday, please please get it to me. Actually, I think I have a copy in the bag, but it might not be until next month. Recently, my good friend Erica moved into town. I met her nearly ten years ago when two of my best friends got married. One of those people happened to be Erica's sister (see the side link on the right that says "Ammon and Heather's blog"). So anyway, this girl is back in town and reminds me an awful lot of The O.C. where Marissa's sister Caitlin comes back into town as a very mature 15-year-old and totally shakes things up with her newfound womanly presence. Erica totally won't like that analogy since she's a much bigger fan of Laguna Beach. Also she was 15 when I met her. Anyway, Erica may have persueded her sister (my friend Heather) to send us a copy of Arrested Development. Having her back has been totally delightful. Here's a picture of Erica circa (I'm guessing) 1985. She must have been about three years old when this picture was taken.

We were going to record AD, but my roommate Joe decided to record the opening ceremonies of the Olympics instead. I didn't watch them, but I heard this year's opening ceremonies were the weirdest ever. "Imagine" is vividly about communism.

So Valentine's Day is tomorrow (actually, it's past midnight, so I guess it's today... happy VD!). Don't get a girl one of those Vermont Teddy Bears. Their big commercial catch phrase is that the bears are the only things that you can do next day delivery. They're pretty much saying that a Vermont Teddy Bear is a last resort, so your girl will totally see through your lack of planning.

This year I'm taking in my good friend Alecia. I'm not taking her out; we're watching a movie inside. I don't go out for Valentine's. Too crowded. Not romantic at all. It's totally like herding cattle at all the restaurants. Yeah, her name is Alecia, pronounced all-eeee-si-a. Don't mispronounce her name. Unfortunately, she was named a name that isn't Alicia, so she has to differentiate the two throughout her life. It's kind of how I have to do the same thing with Jon and John. We're probably going to grab a pizza and watch either Roman Holiday or Casablanca. I also have special gifts planned, but I don't want to give things away just yet. I don't have a picture of Alecia, but here's a picture of that girl in from the new When a Stranger Calls movie. They look very similar.

I've been doing pretty well for Valentine's. After this one I will have gone out three years in a row (see here and here)! I'm still decorating the place with black hearts, though.


Blogger Rhett said...

We saw Alecia on Halloween.


February 14, 2006 4:24 PM  
Blogger Rhett said...

ok so that didn't post well. goto my blog http://rhettweller.blogspot.com and click on the Halloween entry. She is about 1/3 the way down in the yellow Marcia Brady outfit.

February 14, 2006 4:25 PM  
Blogger Rhett said...

ok.. I'm going to try to post this link 1 more time.


February 14, 2006 4:27 PM  
Anonymous Heather said...

You must have taken that picture of Erica from her blurty way back when and saved it for all these months, because it is no longer on her site.... hmmm, v. suspicious.

February 15, 2006 2:19 PM  

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