Friday, October 31, 2008

it's here!

Well, Halloween is here. It's today. Not a moment too soon to finish up this year's Halloween cd. J.R. or I will be glad to burn you a copy, but if you don't want to deal with us directly, feel free to download all the songs below. You can even NOT download some of the songs you may not want. However, I will explain why you SHOULD download each and every track and blast it all day today (and maybe tomorrow too, you know, for the Mexican Dia de los Muertos (and all during the Christmas holidays when it's just too Yuley)).

1. "Date With the Night" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Everybody knows "Maps," but YYY has far less of a feminine side. The cd opens pumped and ready to dress the night up. Good song to play with friends before trolling around on Halloween.

2. "Disturbia" by Rhianna
This is the same chick who sings "Umbrella" right? Well this one is way better. It's also better than that Shia LaBeouf movie.

3. "Evil and a Heathen" by Franz Ferdinand
I met these guys once. I made the mistake of referring to their music as a throwback to 80s dance music. He was like "why does everyone always say that? We want people to dance, but we throw back way farther than the 80s." Anyway, he's probably right. It's like dance rock sorta. Plus their lyrics tend to be pretty off the wall. This one gets ya hoppin.'

4. "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" by My Chemical Romance
I was a bigger fan of "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" and "Helena" than some of their recent stuff, but they know you can't go wrong with the classic theme of vampires.

5. "Rock the Night" by Europe
What party would be complete without Europe? Hot Rod has sort of messed and blessed my life.

6. "Walking With a Ghost" by The White Stripes
This is actually a Tegan and Sara cover. I thought I liked the original better, but I like how much fun Jack has with this one.

7. "Is It Scary?" by Michael Jackson
This song came out during one of Michael Jackson's bad publicity years. It's no "Thriller," but it beats hearing "Thriller" for the 500th time. Plus it's got the added subtext into Michael's psyche during a troubled time.

8. "Back In Flesh" by Wall of Voodoo
Too many people don't remember the 80s like I do. It was filled with weird stuff like this. Still, maybe you won't like it, but try to appreciate the way things were expressed back then. It's good weird, and a little deep too.

9. "Children of the Night" by NosfeROYtu
This is actually J.R.'s song that he composed in Garageband. It samples a little Dracula. It's legit spooky.

10. "Chill Factory" by Jondis and Thom Yorke
Here's my Garageband contribution. I stole some Radiohead vocals from their song called "The Reckoner."

11. "City of Delusion" by Muse
I fought for the inclusion of this song because it's Muse and Muse totally reigns. Nothing else needs to be said.

12. "Kingdom of Doom" by The Good, the Bad & the Queen
This band is from the Blur and Gorillaz guy. Some people put out new albums, he puts out new bands. Very British. It's sort of a protest, but the feel of it is very graveyard walky.

13. "Witchcraft" by Wolfmother
Obligatory Halloween air guitar song.

14. "Things That Scare Me" by Neko Case
Neko's got a voice made for Halloween.

15. "She's Lost Control" by Joy Division
Joy Division excel in bleakness. When you first hear the song you may think it's boring, but after a while the driving beat really riles you up. It's like fun despair.

16. "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath

17. "Headhunter" by Front 242
Here's a blast from the past. This was popular in the early 90s I believe. If grunge didn't hit this sort of industrial dance sound would have been much bigger I think. It's almost a weird concept to have angry dance songs, but this one is mighty effective. Totally galvanizing.

18. "Mad World" by Michael Andrews
Here's another cover. You've seen Donnie Darko right? The movie sort of made this Tears for Fears song famous again. The movie version did a good job of showcasing the bleak lyrics which the original never did.

19. "The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning" by Smashing Pumpkins
If you've seen the trailer for Watchmen, you know this song. Since the movie's coming out we had to put it on. Since it's titled the way it is, it closes the cd. Good thing it's so awesome.

Anyway, pop these into the 'ol iPod and enjoy. Oh and btw, we slipped in some great dialogue from 1408, Blacula, Poltergeist, Jeepers Creepers and Shaun of the Dead.


Blogger Maria said...

Sweet! I've been waiting for this.

October 31, 2008 8:51 AM  
Blogger J.R. said...

What a fine cd! Honestly I think this is one of our better iterations. The first 4 sounds just pound away! It's awesome! Thanks for putting in the time Jon. Next year we should start in June or something.

November 01, 2008 12:40 AM  
Blogger Johnny Metropolis said...

I'll take one burned copy. Signed please.

November 04, 2008 1:16 AM  
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March 19, 2009 12:22 PM  

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