Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 performance review

Okay, we've done well. 149 or so blog posts in 2008. We've added some new features like the Song of the Moment and the Jonblog Cam. We've also almost stopped using words completely and did a ton of video links.

Good: Awesome tenacity in keeping this thing up in spite of it not really mattering in the real world in the slightest. The Song of the Moment is lovely distraction.

Bad: We really need to update the Song of the Moment more often. Plus, the Jonblog Cam needs to go. It's totally malfunctioning and is hardly ever used. Hey and did we ever want to update the word's underneath "Jon's Blog." Yeah, everybody knows it's a freaking blog. Maybe we should put up something more profound. What about updating the blog template so that old entries can be more easily found? Pssshfft.

We'll think this stuff over. Here's to another year.


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