Wednesday, December 31, 2008

just a couple of items before the end of year stuff

So my brother called the tv show Square Pegs "ahead of its time." I didn't believe him until I watched disc two of the complete series. There were a lot of jokes I'd see in other stuff five or so years after Square Pegs. The most obvious (and perhaps reaching) example of this is Sarah Jessica Parker saying "not" in the exact Wayne's World usage. Also there's the joke about not being able to tell a joke -- specifically "make like a tree, and get out of here" from Back to the Future. Finally, SJP also mentioned the social suicide move of accidentally calling your teacher "mommy" which was mentioned in The Simpsons. Sorry if this is a random observation, but I had to make a note of it somewhere.

I scored pretty hard for Christmas. I got three things on the list -- a hard drive, How I Met Your Mother (seasons 1-3) and a video camera (which I haven't actually picked up). I also got a swell Gestapo black jacket, pounds of fudge and this year's pajama pants. Score! Like I always say, Christamas is successful when you get more than you give. I only gave physical gifts to my parents this year (all bought at IKEA). A few of my friends were able to receive my sort of gimmick gift. Seems to have been a success. If you didn't get anything from me, don't be hurt. I really really downsized this year -- but if you want a gift, let me know. The free gift is the gift that infinitely gives (which is what I gave).

My othermay is eallyray icksay. I'm otnay oingday isthay to be utecay. Eshay obablypray oesn'tday owknay Igpay Atinlay -- at eastlay at'sthay atwhay I'm ettingbay on (eshay eadsray isthay ogblay oremay anthay ybodyanay). E'sshay ecoveringray icelynay from ackbay urgerysay, but it's the epressionday -- the everesay epressionday -- atthay has eenbay cruciatingexbay for erhay. We on'tday owknay erewhay it amecay omfray, but it's eenbay eadilystay creasinginay erovay the astpay ewfay onthsmay. Eshay ometimessay ustjay itssay or andsstay for a alfhay ourhay or so ithway a nedpaiay pressionexpay on erhay acefay. Ellway, I on'tway go toinay etailsday, utbay e'sshay ettinggay oremay rationaliray all the imetay. E'reway eryvay uresay it's a emicalchay ingthay atthay appenedhay ithway the angingchay of all the edicationmay atthay tenofay omescay ithway urgerysay. In the eantimemay e'reway eingbay as atientpay as we ancay. I'm ealizingray atthay my atiencepay n'tisay atwhay it eedsnay to be. I earfay atthay atwhay eshay eedsnay is eyondbay my apacitycay ereithay atientlypay or illectuallyintay. Eeingsay erhay so agilefay akesmay me ealizeray ustjay owhay eakway I am enwhay it eallyray eallyray attersmay. If ouyay ouldcay aypray or ateverwhay aithyfay ingthay atthay may be propriateapay for isthay casionocay for erhay, at'dthay be eallyray eallyray someaweay.


Blogger Heather said...

That was super easy to read, so good luck with the secrecy thing. I don't know about praying, but I've got a stash of sweet psychotropic meds that I'd be happy to share. (Note to feds: I mean share my knowledge of, not the actual meds) (Note to Jon: not).

December 31, 2008 6:32 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

Iway opehay atthay eshay etsgay etterbay oonsay. Iway owknay
atthay itway isway ardhay orfay ouyay, utbay ouyay areway
ongerstray anthay ouyay inkthay. Ayerspray ereway alreadyway
entsay astlay ightnay, andway oremay otay omecay.

December 31, 2008 11:31 AM  

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