Thursday, February 21, 2008

can you digg it?

So really quickly, before another member of the Oceanic 6 is revealed, I joined Digg in the hopes of getting some exposure to the little Lost/X-men compilation I did a few entries ago. For those of you unfamiliar with Digg (I'm actually quite unfamiliar myself), here's how it works (maybe). People link interesting content to Digg where people have an opportunity to praise the work (or "digg" it). If content gets enough diggs, they move it to the front page where everybody in the world can see it.

Unfortunately I'm new at this whole thing and for some reason Digg isn't giving me a thumbnail (which always helps). Also, it's currently relegated to the "upcoming stories" section which means it's not in the Digg system yet and has only a certain amount of time to earn diggs before it's thrown out. Since I posted it at like one in the morning, I'm guessing it won't come across that many people who are just browsing the Digg upcoming stories (actually, maybe I'm wrong on that one).

Anyway, if you liked the entry I'm speaking of, I'd really appreciate it if you would digg it. You can do so by simply pushing this button here:


And, oh yeah, like everything else on the internet, you'll actually have to become a member to actually vote. Sorry. It's a slight pain I know. I wonder how many different things I've joined online. If you don't want to join I'll understand, but if you'd like it'd be great if you forwarded the URL of the comic to other people who MIGHT already be members of Digg (or maybe they're just Lost or X-men fans who don't mind all the geekery).

Here's the URL to forward:

Don't say good bye. Say "good journey."


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