Friday, September 22, 2006

pushing buttons (officially)

Right now I'm sitting at work merely waiting. It's 51 minutes past 6. At 59 minutes and 50 seconds past 6 I need to push the "hang up" on the Nexus ISDN machine that is presently dialed into 630 KTKK AM broadcasting the taped show I'm running from last month. In order to begin broadcasting it I had to push the "dial" button about 116 minutes ago. Our computer plays the pre-recorded show automatically because I programmed it in a few hours ago (incorrectly actually, because it's Friday and a couple of other reasons). On days like this I can almost automate everything and not come into work at all, except for that dang button. I also came in early and pushed it 598 minutes ago because the guys who usually do it in the morning had some important conference to go to (my R.S.V.P was denied). Of course pushing the button 598 minutes ago means I had to push it again 475 minutes ago so we don't waste using the super-expensive broadcast line. That's pretty much my day.

I spent the last month getting into Lost and I'm amazed that I only just realized in the past few minutes why the show connected with me so personally. In the meantime, I'm finally with the rest of you and am very very curious as to how this whole island/end of the world thing turns out. I'm real glad Desmond is back. He's got some sweet charisma. BTW, I think that The Others are telling the truth when they say they're the good guys. The Dharma Initiative is probably bad and The Others are probably on the island to undo whatever Dharma did. Just a guess. I mean, the castaways have actually killed more of The Others than the other way around.

Did anyone catch the office last night? I knew Jim would wind up with the transfer. I must admit they really expanded the corner they painted themselves into. Now we're treated to the weirdoes at Jim's new workplace as well. Good show! Good show!


Blogger laura said...

I didn't realize exactly how much pushing buttons is my life either.

Everything is button-ized now. The first thing I do when I get in my office is push the computer button. And then the monitor button. And then I push the "msg" button on my phone. And then I have to push the number buttons on the phone, of course.

I can't tell you how many times I push these buttons on the keyboard every day. I guess these are technically "keys" but whatever. you push them.

If I didn't work in such an old fashioned building I'm sure I would push buttons to enter a code for my office, rather than using my key.

Once I get a Prius, I'll push a button to start my car.

September 23, 2006 11:39 AM  
Anonymous J.R. said...

I'm sorry for all the silly button pushing you all must do. I wouldn't mind if the buttons were really big and red and said "DO NOT PUSH" or something.

Anyway, I was thrilled that not pushing the button on LOST had dire consequences. And it's refreshing for Locke to be wrong occasionally.

I also just finished my crash course in Season 2. Watched all 6 discs last week. I hope Michael gets eaten by a shark. I know I know. "What would you have done if it was your kid?" Well you know when the kidnapper tells you not to contact the authorities? Of course you contact the authorities! Everyone knows that! So he should have at least let Jack in on what the deal was. So I hope it's shark time for him.

Anyway, can't wait for the first episode next week.

September 25, 2006 9:10 AM  

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