Sunday, May 18, 2008

sort of informative but pretty boring

I meant to include these videos in the last entry. They're of part of the production of the second comic strip.

If you're interested in watching them at all, it might be slightly interesting to just use the fast forward slider thing to catch some highlights.

I started off transferring scanned sketches into Photoshop. The end product doesn't actually have any scanned material at all. I put the scanned stuff in as its own Photoshop layer and then "trace" over it with a new, more solid layer. Yeah, so it's pretty much like I'm 7 years old again, tracing stuff and passing it off as my own work. Well, I guess I am tracing my own work, so it's sort of ok.

This first video starts with my being distracted by some random surfing. Also, it chronicles the capturing of trademarked images stolen from the web and applied to the comic (which is far easier and far more despicable than tracing). The Ruffles and Wendy's brands are pretty obvious, but some of the other stuff I stole is hardly noticeable. The hoodie my character is wearing in the strip actually contains an image from my actual Starfleet Academy hoodie. I held it up to the computer and took a picture. Then I took the image, cropped it and stuck it on my cartoon self. Same goes for the shirt that Curtis is wearing. It's one of those "I roll twenties" t-shirts. Unfortunately, it's impossible to see because of the way he's sitting. Anyway, this video pretty much ends with simply making sure all the Photoshop layers overlap in the proper way.

The second vid is the fun part: adding word ballons with the Comic Life application that came with the computer. I'm still getting pretty used to the program, but it's a lot funner than the drudgery of Photoshop. Who am I kidding? Photoshop is actually pretty fun. You may hear some conversation with Rhett, Pete and Joey in the background.


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