Saturday, May 10, 2008

another lost post

May I just take this moment to point out that I called the fact that the island moves three months ago? I may have been wrong about a lot of things with that little X-Men comic thing, but I was right about the island moving.

A couple of things to point out: 1) Jack's dad may actually be alive and not an aberration. 2) There aren't set rules for what the characters are destined.

I think the makers of the show have stated in podcasts that Jack's dad is indeed, dead; but they have a knack for bending the truth through wordplay. Jack never found his father's body. The casket landed inland and was empty by the time he got there. I think that Christian took one of those weird drugs from Romeo and Juliet (you know, one of the ones that give the impression of death but not really and then the drug-taker wakes up three days later), and then woke up on the island. He possibly did this on purpose and met up with Jacob or whoever.

Locke asked Claire where her baby was and Christian told him that Aaron was where he was supposed to be. If Christian is speaking for the will of the island then the island's will is in contradiction with the rest of the Lost universe in terms of the fate of Claire's baby. I think that ultimately, besides the conflict between the two puppeteers of Widmore and Linus; we're also going to have to deal with a much broader conflict between more universal forces. One force of fate (off-island) wills Aaron to be raised by Claire, while another one doesn't. We as viewers won't be able to rely on what we perceive as character destiny since even fate seems to go two ways.

Also, I'll just say it now. I don't like the island being considered a real character. I like how the crazy happenings on the island have put other characters in situations that refine their personalities, but I still think that so far that's only made the island's occupants good characters and not the island itself. Random behavior is not character development. If the island is indeed alive and a life form and by the end of all this we'll understand its actions and motivations and thought and dreams, THEN I'll consider the island a good character.

Ben is still the man as far as best character in the show goes. This fact makes me worry, however, since the actor who plays him initially signed on for, what, like three episodes or something?


Blogger Maria said...

Ok- I watched this episode right before I went to bed last night. I started laughing at the end because your theory was right! I don't like the island as a character either..kinda lame.

And Wud up with Claire!?? She was acting all shady in the cabin.

P.S. the cabin scenes FREAK ME OUT!

May 12, 2008 10:16 AM  
Anonymous abel said...

Great job on moving the island. I bet you're the only person in the world who thought of that (except for the LOST writers). And, yes, Ben was only susposed to be on the show for 3 episdoes. Lucky for him, he's now one of the coolest bad guys out there.

And, yes, the island is a character. You may not like it but the fact that it's keeping Michael alive as well as trying to protect itself makes it a viable character in my mind.

May 13, 2008 8:40 AM  

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