Sunday, November 18, 2007

legitimate weekend post

So this weekend I like bought a whole bunch of stuff including another Blender magazine, but this one had Jay-Z on the cover and so it was more acceptable, and I also bought Ender's game which I have to read for book club next week even though I've totally already read it and I'm waiting for the movie to come out, but it probably won't be that good because how could you even make a movie of that book anyway? I also bought a charger for my Wii remotes because i figured with all the controllers we have lying around the house we couldn't just go around buying batteries every single week and all that and then after all that we found out we could get cheap Evanescence tickets so like eight of us went and then went to IHOP afterward, but I already totally talked about that. Saturday morning I woke up late and was totally late for the Turkey Bowl flag football thingie I did. I got teamed up with a lame team that called huddles after every play and couldn't snap the ball and couldn't roll out or anything, so I woudn't have minded that they were bad, but they were actually really ungood at football too and I also jammed my finger flagging some guy. After that Dre and I went to the Andy Warhol exhibit at the University. I'm undecided on how I feel about the guy, cuz I mean certainly other artists are more deserving of the prominence that the guy has of being able to transcend the art world so well, but then again maybe actual artists don't pay him no mind and all that, so i dunno. Nice hair. Last night we watched Omega Man with Chuck Heston, yeah I love that guy, and we'll probably be talking about that later. So then today we totally had a turkey dinner at church and then we had ward prayer at our house and gorged ourselves on the leftover fake-Thanksgiving pie. That's it. Not much.


Blogger Monica said...

Fake Thanksgiving Pie = Grody

Real Thanksgiving Pie = One of my top 5 November vices...I can't get enough of the PumpkinPie.

November 19, 2007 12:29 AM  

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