Friday, November 16, 2007

watch it! love it! send it!

First, enjoy this is as hard as you humanely can:

This was from one of our trips to Vegas last summer. It's riding the Speed ride at the Sahara casino.

The most famous thing I'm known for is my online point-of-view roller coaster rides. For my latest venture, I'm trying something different than YouTube. Rhett informed me of this site called Revver. Revver actually places an ad on the end of the video and tracks how many people view the video and click on the ads. They then share the ad revenue with the people who post the videos 50/50. I figure if I get 50,000 views to the above video, I could make a few bucks (20, maybe). It would help even more if you clicked on some of the ads at the end of the video. I think they're for helpful things such as planning trips to Las Vegas and stuff like that.

Help me out! Copy and paste the link below onto an entry on your own blog.

It would be even better if you went to the link and copied the html code you can use to actually embed the revver player with the awesome video directly into one of your entries.

If you don't have a blog, just freakin' email the link to people.


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